Pentax is pleased to introduce the addition of the DSmobile™ USB Scanner to our existing peripheral product line - designed for mobile computing.

The DSmobile USB is a lightweight, and durable scanner that provides all the features and capabilities expected from a desktop scanner. This advanced technology sheet-feed scanner features a unique USB power/data interface, which avoids the need for a battery or an external power adapter. Providing high-speed, quality imaging - while weighing less than 12 ounces and measuring just 11 inches. The DSmobile USB provides everything needed to: scan documents from business card size to 8.5 x 14”; instantly transmit printed page documents via email, fax or the Web; copy printed material and turn it into PC documents without retyping; and scan and edit images or forms anywhere, anytime.

The DSmobile USB scanner joins the Pentax offering of the Pentax PocketJet printer family, a product that has set a market standard for mobile printing. The ultra-portable printers, designed to meet the growing demands of mobile workers, measures 10.04 inches wide and weighs only 1.12 lb., including the battery, while producing high quality crisp text and graphic output at 3 pages per minute. No ink, no mess with no hassles! The printers can provide printing in any environment without the ongoing costs and hassles of ink. Let the Pentax PocketJet be your ticket to success by providing you with on-the-move printing.

PENTAX DSmobile USB Scanner
Pocket Jet II
Pocket Jet 200
PENTAX PocketJet II vs. PocketJet 200
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